The History of Poetry

Poetry is a form of art that may precede literacy.

Some of the types of poetry are particular to specific genres and cultures, and it also respond to the language characteristics. Most of the modern poetry imitates an analysis of poetic custom. The other forms of poetry have been established straight from folk songs.

The efforts of olden thinkers are to define what makes the characteristic of poetry as a form. They also determine of what differentiates good poetry from bad that result in poetics, which are the study of the aesthetics of poetry. In Western traditions, traditional thinkers engaged organization as a way to assess and define the excellence of poetry.

Particularly, the current Aristotle’s Poetics fragments define 3 genres of poetry such as the tragic, epic and comic. They have developed rules to differentiate the highest-value poetry in every genre based on the primary purposes of the genre. Then, later aestheticians recognized 3 more genres: dramatic, epic, and lyric poetry. Tragedy and treating comedy are the dramatic poetry subgenres.

Aestheticians and poets frequently distinguished the form of poetry. They clear it in opposition to prose that was commonly understood as writing with a tendency to reasonable explication and a lined story structure. But, it does not mean that poetry is irrational or lacks description. Because poetry is an effort to reduce the sublime or beautiful without the engaging burden of narrative or logical thought method.

In 20th century the literary philosophers trust less on the opposition of poetry and prose. They concentrated on the poet as simply one who makes with the use of poetry and language as what the poet makes. The original idea of the poet as creator is not rare. Some modernist poets basically do not decide among the poem creation with words, and original acts in other media.

In the first half of 20th century, the refusal of traditional structures and forms has been created. It is accorded with a questioning of the meaning and purpose of the traditional poetry definitions and the differences among prose and poetry. Some modernists are challenging the actual attempt to describe poetry as mistaken.

Several modernist poets have written in non-traditional forms or in what usually would have been measured prose.

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Their writing was commonly filled with poetic diction and frequently with tone and rhythm recognized by non-metrical resources. There was a considerable formalist response in the schools of modernist to the structure breakdown, which is focused on the growth of new formal syntheses and structures as on the renewal of older structures and forms.

The Elements of Poetry


It treats the style that mostly used by the language. It is not only denotes to the sound but also to the original meaning and its relations with form and sound. Most of the poetic forms and languages have this, to the point where separate dialects and grammars are used exactly for poetry. It can comprise linguistic devices such as metaphor and simile, and also the qualities of voice, which are irony.

The Forms of Poetry

The precise forms of poetry have been established by different cultures. The most received, developed or closed forms of poetry are the meter, rhyming scheme and other poem elements, which are created on the sets of rules. The common forms of poetry are the Ghazal, Ode, Haiku, Tanka, Villanelle, Shi and Sonnet.

The Genres of Poetry

Aside from the different specific forms, there are also different subgenres and genres of poetry. Genres of poetry are commonly a classification or tradition of poetry created on the style, subject matter or other wider literary features. The different genres of poetry are the Speculative poetry, Prose poetry, Verse poetry, Elegy, Lyric poetry, Light poetry, satirical poetry, Dramatic poetry, Epic poetry and Narrative poetry. It is good to know that despite of the beautiful meaning that poem can provide to you, there is the different information of where it came from. The given information on this article are the roots of poetry.